CCFMCA Officers

Elected Officers

President Roy McDaniel
Vice President Gerald Edwards
Secretary Mary Ellen Leonard
Treasurer Cass Cassidy
National Director Sonny Gillespie
Alternate National Director David Franke
Wagon Master Vacant
Past President Joan Flickinger
Directors Paul Flickinger, Diane Glenn, John Jones, George Overman

Appointed Officers

Badge Sheriff Marilyn Franke
Coffee Captain Vacant
Data Coordinator Tracy Lenocker
Hospitality Carol Jones
Carol Jones
Safety Vacant
Spot-Lite Editor
Tracy Lenocker
Web Master Charlene Anderson
Nominating Committee Paul Flickinger, Carol Jones, Sonny Gillespie

Volunteer, Participate, Have Fun!

Be an active member. Attend chapter rallies and mingle with other members. Take an active part and help/volunteer to increase your enjoyment. Sit in on general meetings and provide your thoughts to improve our rallies. Provide suggested improvements to chapter officials. Our chapter motto is FUN and FRIENDSHIP. Help your elected officials fulfill this motto.